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Glutathione Separopore® 4B


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Reduced glutathione is covalently linked Separopore® 4B for use in affinity purification of glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and GST-fused proteins. Glutathione Separopore® 4B provides a one step purification method and permits rapid, mild and highly selective purifications of proteins containing glutathione binding sequences. Glutathione Separopore® 4B is prepared by covalently coupling glutathione to epoxy-activated 4 % crosslinked agarose beads to form a stable thioether linkage. The coupling was optimized to give a high binding capacity of 5 mg or more of Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) per ml of wet gel.. Bound GST –fusion proteins are easily displaced from the resin by elution with buffers containing reduced glutathione. Mild elution conditions preserve protein antigenicity and function.

Note: Separopore® is a cost-effective equivalent to Sepharose® in all of its physical properties and binding characteristics.

Catalog No.:20181050-4
Size:100 mL
Brand Name:bioPLUS™, Separopore®
Hazmat Shipping:Non-hazardous
Shelf life:2 years
Appearance Form:Gel Suspension
Appearance Color:White
Matrix:Separopore® 4B (agarose beads, 4%)
Matrix Activation:Epoxy
Particle Size Range:52 - 165 μm
Spacer Arm:12 atoms
Binding Capacity:5 - 10 mg recombinant GST-tagged protein / ml drained gel
Suspension:Supplied as suspension in 20% ethanol
pH Stability:4 - 13

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