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bioWORLD frequently provides promotions and discounts for our customers. If you are a new or returning customer, view the below flyers for discounts on certain items. Each flyer contains promo code that must be used when placing the order through the phone 1888.bio.PLUS or emailing customerservice@bio-world.com. These flyers are updated at the beginning of each month. So please check back regularly.

Top 15 products for everyday lab use!
Are You Losing Your Valuable Sample in IPs & Co-IPs ?
Up to 50% off on Popular Tag Monoclonal Antibodies
Tag Antibodies for Western Blotting
Introducing bioFORENSICS™
Bioaffinity Matrix for Protein Purification
High quality lectins & lectin conjugates from different natural sources.
Best source for all Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) forms
MAGENTA-Polycarbonate Vessel for Plant Culture
BenchBlotter™ Fixed Speed 2D Rocker 12"x12" platform
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